Probable topics I will cover

Probable topics I will cover

Some of the topics I plan to write about are related to software development and Linux systems administration.  I have several technologies I find interesting, sometimes confusing, and often infuriating.  I’ll be digging into plenty of different topics such as:


Topics I will cover


  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • RunDeck
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Vagrant
  • NodeJS / JavaScript
  • Python
  • Functional programming
  • Elixir/Clojure/Haskell - These I want to make time for badly
  • Pebble watch, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, other microcontrollers
  • Agile/Lean
  • Audiobooks and podcast I find useful

If there’s anything specific you’d like to know more about let me know and I’ll try to find some value to add to the discussion.


~ Dave

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