Hello World! Moving to Jekyll

Hello World! Moving to Jekyll


Thanks to this post I was able to understand how to move from Wordpress (which had a mysql error by the way) to Jekyll on Github Pages in one evening while lying in bed … I should be sleeping now really.

Well I’ve added a little more here today (Sunday the 11th) but I haven’t decided if I’ll move the other posts, or more likely start fresh since most of my posts have either been reposted to LinkedIn and/or Medium. The real need I have is for some different landing pages I have for my social media profiles.

If you are curious you can see the code on GitHub. I can’t say it’s impressive, but if you are just looking in to jekyll it might be worth a look.


As of 2018-02-11 19:20 dave-albert.com has come back from the dead! Now to run setup automated backups. I had them when the site was in Digital Ocean, but didn’t get to it when it was moved to Azure. Now will I keep it or move everything here? hmmmmmm…


2018-03-19 -> The site has been moved see here

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